Extra Net Mount

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Do you use multiple nets? We have you covered. Extra net mounts are available for all your nets.

The strong adhesive backing allows for fast and reliable attachment to you net.  Compatible with metal, wood, and carbon fiber nets, it ensures a secure installation every time and can be removed without damaging your net.

When ordered with a net clip, free shipping is provided for both. If extra net mounts are ordered separately, shipping will be charged.


  • 1 net mount with adhesive backing

Key notes: 

  • Patent Pending!
  • Not designed for round net handles
  • Best used on short to mid length net handles
  • Follow setup instructions here to ensure proper attachment

Getting the Net Clip setup on your net and pack is very simple. See the Setup Instructions page for some instructional videos

  • Always use with a lanyard/tether
  • The clip comes setup to use on your left side. If you want to use it on your right, follow the instructions in this video
  • Clean & dry handle thoroughly before applying net attachment
  • Apply firm pressure for a minimum of 3-5 minutes. Use a clamp and leave overnight for optimal adhesion
  • Allow to set for 24 hours for best hold
  • Do not force your net out of the clip without pressing release button - it can damage mechanism
  • Improper setup can result in a lost net or performance impacts on the net holder

Standard free shipping is provided for all orders in the US. Flat rate shipping options provided for orders outside the US.

Buy it with

Broder net Clip

Features and Benefits

  • Mechanically locked for zero drops
  • Magnetic attraction for simple return
  • Stores your net behind your hip for quick access
  • Flexible design works with any pack or wading belt
  • Reversible for right or left hand use
  • No net modification required