The Broder Net Clip

The ultimate net holder. End the frustration

of carrying a net on the water.

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The Broder Net Clip keeps your net out of the way,

so you can focus on what matters.

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Out of the way, yet immediately accessible

at the click of a button.

The Broder Net Clip - The Ultimate Net Holder for Fly Fishing


A strong mechanical connection to secure the net

and a magnetic force for no look, one-handed return.

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Fast, Easy Setup

Attaches to your net without modification and works on any pack or wading belt.

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Comfortable. Accessible. Secure.

The Broder Net Clip keeps your net comfortably out of the way when not needed, and yet accessible at the click of a button.

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The Broder Net Clip, patent pending, is the ultimate net holder. It stores your net completely out of the way, but immediately accessible at the click of a button. It utilizes an innovative design that leverages a mechanical connection to secure your net and magnetic force to easily return it to its place. The button, pushed with your thumb, is reversible for right or left hand use. 

Comfortable. Accessible. Secure.


  • One net clip
  • One net mount

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    What makes the Broder Net Clip so unique?

    Single hand, No Look Access & Return

    Easy, one handed access with convenient button for controlled release of the net only when needed

    Magnetic Force for seamless return

    Strong magnets promote easy, no look return of the net, getting you fishing faster.

    Strong Mechanical hold and 360° rotation

    Your net stays connected and can bounce over obstacles, not catch on them.

    No Net Modification to Setup

    Mount the net attachment with the supplied strong adhesive backing

    Pack Works as Normal

    Your net moves with your pack, so the pack can work as designed

    Flexible design for any Pack

    Wading Belt or Vest
    Hip Pack
    Sling Pack

    The broder net clip

    A net holder that finally works